Commercial/Industrial Electrical Procurement

Procurement impacts the project from beginning to end. The cost of materials and equipment impacts the firm’s bid price and ability to compete for competitively bid work. The ultimate cost of materials and equipment will determine how much money a project makes. Materials and equipment can also impact field productivity, which directly affects labor costs. The best materials and equipment may not be the least expensive. A more-expensive material or piece of equipment may be easier and quicker to install in the field. The productivity with using the more-expensive material can often more than compensate for the increased purchase cost of the material or equipment. In addition, the least-expensive source of materials and equipment may not be the best choice. If the right materials and equipment aren’t delivered in the right quantities at the right time, project productivity will suffer. Without needed materials and equipment, work can grind to a halt at the project site or workers may have to be shifted to other jobs while awaiting needed materials and equipment. Disruptions such as these can have a serious impact on the firm’s field productivity and significantly increase the cost of performing the work.

  • Job Delivery
  • Procurement Plan
  • Job Material Movement and Management
  • Returns
  • Value Engineering
  • Design and Construction
  • Procurement Schedule